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  • Single wire testing machine

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  • The composite multifunctional spinning tester is a kind of experimental equipment for preparing and studying composite fibers. It can combine two or more polymer materials through a special spinning process to form fibers with specific properties and structures.

    The testing machine is usually composed of several parts, including extruder, spinning assembly, drafting system, heating system, winding system, etc. The extruder is used to heat and melt the polymer material and extrude it into melt; The spinning component extrudes the melt through a spinneret hole to form a fiber. The drafting system is used to stretch and Orient the fibers to improve their mechanical properties. The heating system is used to control the temperature during the spinning process; The winding system winds the spun fibers into rolls.

    Various types of composite fibers can be prepared by using composite multifunctional spinning testing machine, such as skin core type, parallel type, sea island type, orange flap type, etc. These composite fibers have different properties and applications, such as high strength, high modulus, flame retardant, antistatic, antibacterial, etc. In addition, the testing machine can also be used to study the effect of spinning process parameters on fiber properties, optimize the spinning process, and develop new composite fiber materials.

    When operating the composite multifunctional spinning machine, it is necessary to pay attention to safety matters, such as wearing protective equipment, complying with operating procedures, and regularly maintaining equipment. At the same time, it is also necessary to strictly control and monitor the experimental process to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the experimental results.