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Suzhou Zhanheng intelligent sharing: Some maintenance and maintenance methods of intelligent spinning testing machine

The following are some maintenance and maintenance methods of intelligent spinning testing machine:

Daily maintenance:

- Clean the outer surface of the testing machine regularly to prevent dust and debris accumulation.

- Check whether the connection parts are loose and tighten them in time.

Mechanical parts:

- Add lubricating oil to the transmission parts regularly to maintain good lubrication.

- Check the tension of belts, chains, etc., and adjust if necessary.

Electrical system:

- Check whether the electrical circuit is in good condition, whether there is damage or poor contact.

- Clean the dust in the control cabinet regularly to ensure good heat dissipation.

Spinning components:

- Clean spinning nozzle after each use to prevent clogging.

- Check the spinning channel for wear or damage, repair or replace in time.

Control system:

- Periodically back up the data of the control system to prevent loss.

- Check whether the software is updated and upgrade it in time.

Periodic calibration:

- Calibrate key parameters such as temperature, speed, etc. at specified intervals.

Environmental control:

- The testing machine should be placed in a dry and well-ventilated environment.

- Avoid dramatic changes in temperature and humidity that may affect the device.

For example, every once in a while, wipe the surface of the testing machine with a clean wet cloth to remove dust; For mechanical gears or lead screws, add suitable lubricating oil, such as lithium grease, as required. For electrical systems, pay attention to check the connection of plugs and sockets to ensure good contact. For spinning heads, special cleaning solution can be used to soak and clean to remove residual spinning materials. At the same time, according to the equipment manual, regularly ask professionals to calibrate the temperature sensor to ensure the accuracy of the test results. Moreover, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature of the room where the testing machine is located is relatively stable to avoid a decrease in the accuracy of the equipment due to temperature changes.